A downloadable A Rising Bond for Windows

"War demands sacrifice of the people. It only gives suffering in return.”

- Frederic Clemson Howe

"A Rising Bond" is based on that premise, a story-driven third person game with adventure, survival and stealth mechanics. Alex, a 19-year-old boy, must survive in a mid-century Eastern European city ravaged by war.

On his way he will meet Erika, a young-girl he must protect and care for who will help him in her own unique way. The game strives to showcase the brutality of war from the perspective of a survivor fighting at a disadvantage against the world, and the bond established between both characters.

We highly recommend you to play the demo with a PS4 Controller!

Install instructions

1º Download the zip file and unzip it.

Execute the exe file and enjoy the demo!

Thanks for playing our demo!!

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Really amazing game when the full game will be released ?

Can't wait for more!


this game is so fun to play! I cannot wait to see more! :)

Just watched the demo of this and it looks great! Sorry if I have missed it, but when is the release of the full game?

This game looks amazing.  Fantastic work!  How many people were involved with creating this?


17 people


this is a really good demo! i was at a loss for words with every moment. Some of the animations was slow for me but the story hit me hard. Very good

also i got a copyright claim cause of the music so i changed it

How to operate the button of the backpack

Press "i" or "enter" for open the backpack

Impressive demo, I wish we got to see more of the collaboration with Erika. Oh, and... I hope there will be Xbox controller support too, had to disconnect it to be able to play through the demo. Keep up the good work!

A beautiful game. Loved the old school stealth mechanics.

Keep up the good work.


Amazing !!! Very very cool!! I wish you success!!!

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GREAT jobs ..hope play ps4 :P wait key :P

Thank you very much for your words! Eight months of development, but we are very proud of the final demo.

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i like stealth game …. i like old time metal gear and assassin creed 1 and 2 best time for stealth game ….


here's my Gameplay video

Thanks to take the time to upload a gameplay of our demo! Hope you liked it and stay tuned to our progress in the game! Any advices or suggestions you would implement in the final version of the game?